Ray Johnson and A Book About Death

Opening: Wednesday November 3, 2010 5-11 pm
OpeningExhibition: Nov 3 - 5, 2010
SAL Gallery, C.W. Post Campus of LIU, NY
720 Northern Boulevard

Ray Johnson and A Book About Death: Eva Brunner [103]: "www.evabrunner.com evabrunner-photography.blogspot.com Contact Eva Here"

retake - On the traces of lost time

4. European Month of Photography Berlin 2010
15 October - 28 November 2010  

Group exhibition by exp12-photographers: Verena Blank, Eva Brunner, Dorothee Deiss, Mark de Longueville, Oona Eberle, Nadine Ethner, Olle Fischer, Birgit Krause, Claire Laude, Anna Meschiari, Susanne Schneider, Nicole Woischwill

"Modern Life, New Pictures" has been created on the basis of new shots of old motifs. The photographers exhibiting have produced something new by harking back on their previous work. Places, people and moods already captured in the medium of photography form a pool of pictorial recollections out of which fresh creation an take place. - Curated by Nadine Koch

Eva Brunner / About a Palmtree - A glance behind the facade / 2009 / 2010

"Catalonia had long ago become like home to me, since part of my family emigrated there many years ago. During my visits I unavoidably pass this viewpoint behind the Dalí-Museum in Figueras. I see the patios and back parts of the houses, whose frontsw, towards the street, have an intact facade. I wondered what had happened to the dying palmtree I had taken a picture of the year before. At first I searched, futilely..."

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